Podiceps is dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of novel biological biomarkers that provide a practical tool to address the growing global challenges of chronic metabolic syndrome such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Parallel by using these novel biomarkers, we look into new clinical targets and make the first steps in target validation and pre-clinical development prior to out-licensing to dedicated partners.

By developing new tests that use protein biomarkers to identify people at high risk for devastating and preventable diseases, we hope to assist patients and physicians with early diagnosis that can be used to help prevent disease progression and to focus on appropriate intervention strategies on those most likely to benefit.

Podiceps is the early bird in the discovery, development and value creation of novel biomarkers and clinical targets. The company believes there is a large unmet need in both the discovery of potentially important biomarkers and related targets and the eventual use of them in clinical practice for many significant diseases. Biomarker discovery efforts are focused on applying advanced research tools in collaboration with various partners to identify important biomarker candidates.

Podiceps is building expertise and creating significant intellectual property, and is looking for co-developing partners for the further clinical validation of both the biomarkers as well as the novel targets..

Besides this, Podiceps is selling its generated antibodies and proteins to generate its income and on request develops new protein targets, antibodies and assays as contract research.

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